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Death Minotaur

Jun 02, 2009
Hey whats up? I was just wondering about the death minotaur and the card it gives. Why did you remove it from the game and when you hatch it gives you a wraith card instead of a death minotaur? I was thinking of hatching with orthrus and getting it but when i found out about this i changed my mind. :(

GrandMaster Death

Mar 08, 2009
It used to be a drop from the minotaur in plaze of conquests but they made it into a hatch and since you hatch the cards that comes with the pet would either be wraith, satyr, orthrus, helephant, colossus, stormzilla, or hydra so they had to change the card to keep things in order. Note: The cards I mentioned were on ALL hatches.

Ex. I decieded to hatch my wraith with an orthrus and I get is a death minotaur and the orthrus person gets a grimtooth. The grimtooth's card is an orthrus and the death minotaur's card is a wraith.

Jun 07, 2009
Actually they didnt remove it its still in the game but its a very rare to get you still recieve it from hatching you just have to be lucky to get the one that comes with the death minotaur card.

Feb 01, 2010
i saw someone with a death cyclops pet once and death ninja pig to do alot of myth pets have death also