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custom pets and houses

Dec 18, 2009
a GOOD idea is customizable pets (no i dont mean changing it's culors) i mean like putting hats and spikes and stripes on them because it's annoying when i see someone with the same looking pet with the almost the same name below are some ideas for this

1.two lists that you can scroll through like on the left hats on the first page on the next robes and necklesses

2.on the right things like spikes and stripes and patterns

3.next to the lists are colur list at the top is the main body colur

4.after customizing you get a bar at the top it says: type in the name you would like

and for housing it would say: would you like this house to be a house or city or museum or store or restraunt

it would say: would you like it pre built or you create it

Apr 05, 2010
Dec 18, 2009
escapemyfate wrote:
I like your idea,But how much would you say this would cost?
maybe about the same amount as the pet but extra to duble and triple the sizes of stripes and spikes

maybe even let players make dragons look like rappers

Zachary LegendHeart
lvl 33
nice ice
master pet hunter

May 01, 2010
Great idea! I loved it until I read the post about "making dragons look like rappers". Now I'm not so sure...

Dec 18, 2009
maybe not rappers but helmets and swords 8) then it looks like a warlord