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Crazy idea about pet talent

Nov 28, 2009
What do you guys think about this:
A new pet talent that is even harder to get than Epic talents. A talent that makes your pet item card into a ''may cast''! Example: A polar bear cub with that talent will have a chance of casting Woolly Mammoth instead of giving a card of it (of course the chance of casting would be like 10-15%)

I KNOW that this would probably ruin pvp but is just an idea and i want to know what people think

Thank you for reading

Apr 17, 2009
I'm sorry but this is a terrible idea, May cast Wooly Mammoth!? A [I think] 8 pip spell, 800-900 damage [Not including the users boost] and a stun? Not only will that take all of the users blades, and such, but also the enemies shield and health, for no cost what so ever, and at a chance at 10-15%? 10-15% of what? A round? When I was a low level and I had a 15% of Pips I would get them every 5-10 rounds, So your telling me every 5-10 rounds I'll be hit with a spell that does 800-900 damage and stuns me? No. Not at all, And think of how unfair this would be for other schools? Like Deer Knight, "May Cast Feint", What if he casts the feint while your low on health and the enemy is going to hit that round? I'm almost sure you'll die, Or your pets "May Cast Doom & Gloom" when your fighting PvE?
Sorry to say but this is not a good talent.

Sep 23, 2013
It sounds like a good idea but as Daniel said 10-15 percent probabilites (even if per duel) is a lot!
Maybe if it was 0.1-1 percent would be great

Nov 26, 2011
Bad idea. If a card gives sirens, BAM. The pet can suddenly randomly cast sirens. Smoke screen, 600-700 damage FREE. For no pips at all. Sorry but I don't like this idea, I think pets are fine as it is.