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Centaur pet?

Aug 07, 2009
As a lot of people know, life has many heal spells. Our only strong attack is centaur. So, instead of having a satyr pet, how about a centaur pet? With the centaur we could have new hybrid pets. 8)

Respond asap,
Jason 8)

Apr 02, 2010
Jan 27, 2009
Aug 30, 2009
Aug 21, 2009
I see a lot of life players opting for the life minotaur pet. It is a shame that the only way to get pip chance on it is to mix it and hope it manifests. As far as satyr goes, I refuse to use it as a pet for my life character as additional healing cards are the last thing that I need. At least with minotaur I can punch through a life or tower shield or both and still do damage on the return hit (too bad I have to double trap up and convert up against life targets).

May 09, 2010
That's exactly what I did, i mixed my minotaur with my life bat and got 4% power pip on the minotaur and a 5% life shot. I didn't mind spending the time training, when the results were worth it, especially in the earlier levels.

This is when the hatching process is worth the time and gold.

I used the minotaur until I reached level 48 and I got my satyr.

The satyr is the superior pet, at least in the stats range. I would have to hatch another minotaur in order to get the same stats; maybe several times. It's not worth to me, but it was hard to give up that minotaur.

It was more important for me to have a pet, regardless of what card it gives, that increases the overall underlying power of the character.

That being said, I agree with you that another strong attack would be more helpful than another heal...let's not mention the lack of an AOE spell.

Death was my best wizard by far, but I think a life wizard with an AOE spell on par with a scarecrow; even Power Nova would make life one of the most complete wizards in total.