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Card at ancient, train pet to Epic or no?

Jul 25, 2010
I have a Green Cat Thug (dropped by the boss in Tomb of the Beguiler, maybe?) that gives its eponymous card at Ancient.

I do not play Pet Derby.

I'm trying to figure out whether there's any point in continuing to train this pet to Epic. Will it get me anything more than what I got at Ancient? I've consulted the "Guide" and have read far too many threads here in the forum, and still have no idea.

Thanks! :)

May 22, 2009
I train a pet to ancient and if they have 2 traits that only boosts their own stats, i do not continue. I know the probability of them getting a useful trait is probably higher, but i feel i could work on another pet with the possibility of gaining 3 or 4 useful traits, not just 2. If your pet has useful traits, then by all means train him to epic.

Hannah Lifebringer Level 50 Life

Jul 25, 2010
Thanks... but I'm not very experienced with everything about pets... is there somewhere I can look up which traits are useful?

My Green Cat Thug has talents "Life-Giver," "Rugged" and "Canny" and I'm guessing only Life-Giver has any chance of being useful.

Mar 13, 2010
A lot depends on the level of pet I am training.

On one of my higher pedigree pets, I have a plus item for damage and another for shielding.

Training them until all skills are maxed gets these items to at least plus 5! So it was worth it going to ancient.

On another lower wizard, I have only a low level pet and know I will find a better pet. So I went to epic and have stopped.

If your pet has a higher pedigree, I would train it to ancient. You will probably get a usuable item to help you in battle.