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Can gift card pets be put into shared bank?

Apr 02, 2010
We have two family plan accounts that are shared among the family. I (we) could use some more crowns, after many failed attempts of getting a pet from Biti Narini for my Life character, became interested in August's Sporty Dragon with a Balance Blade item card - that seems to be a pet that any school, even life, could use.

But at the bottom of the gift card web page (https://www.wizard101.com/game/giftcards) a statement reads:

The next time you log in to Wizard101 the game, you will see this icon appear on the left hand side of your screen to alert you that you have a present waiting. Make sure you accept the Gift Card pet on the correct character on that account, as we will not transfer pets for you.

That seems to imply the pet is "No Trade", it can't be put in the shared bank. Its not the end of the world, but care must be taken that the right person gets it.

At the moment, when a person gets a pet that doesn't match well with their character, it goes in the Shared Bank; my daughter's Balance character got my Balance Krokitillian, my son got my Lightening Bats (works well with Ice character, Elemental Blade spell, and Elemental Trap spell), and I got my son's Fire Salamander (Myth, works well with Spirit Blade and Spirit trap, I'm Death).

I was considering letting each of my three kids pick the pet they want, and I would drive to the store that has the right card, and let them pick the crowns as they see fit.

You see, kids being kids, might not realize that the decision they make at the moment might not be the best one, and if the pet could be put into the Shared Bank, an inter-family barter could be done.

The warning is to ensure you are redeeming the card on the ACCOUNT that you mean to, but once it is redeemed the pet can be placed in the Shared Bank.

All Gift Card pets can be placed in the Shared Bank for all Wizards on that account login to use, but we cannot transfer them to a different account login.

Make sense?

If you want the prize, you have to build the ladder rung by rung. There are no shortcuts.
Apr 02, 2010
Your reply makes perfect sense, thank you.

In my not-so-humble opinion, the web page for gift cards could be re-worded.

Too bad I didn't snap up that Sporty Dragon, but I will next time.