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Boss drop crown pets

May 31, 2009
So far in the game I have quested 12 wizards to Mooshu, 2 accounts, along the way i have had only 1 crown pet drop and it surprised me at how well it leveled out doing better than any other pets i have seen including other crown pets. I have bought crown pets in the past and have been disappointed with them including numerous hatches on them, but this one particular pet came out giving good fighting traits right off the bat. It is the Storm Spiny fish. I have other storm pets on my higher level wizards, ans they took many, many, many hatches to get where this pet is on first try. I have a storm hound i gave up on as it would not give any decent traits, this is what i am talking about Game, you have very good looking pets liken the storm hound and the Pet Triton for storm, but they just dont give good enough traits for me to waist time over and over and over again and again and get nothing. Wasted good looking pets, they look really good, but inside you can not get them to work.