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Blue Banshee, Trying to raise accuracy

Jul 01, 2010
When I was level three I challenged Lord Nightshade with my two friends. I then saw when i was done with the battle, I had gotten a pet.
It was a Blue Banshee. I trained it to teen and when i train it to Adult I would like to raise my accuracy because i just started training storm when i was level 16 (I'm 21 now) and i would like to raise its accuracy. Is there anyway my Banshee might be able to help or do I need a Storm pet?

Jan 21, 2010
Your banshee is not going to learn storm shot (that is the skill that adds to storm accuracy) A storm type pet has four chances to learn it. If the pet hasn't learned Storm Shot by ancient I would move on to another storm type pet, epic takes to long to get.
You can craft gear that is death/ storm. There are recipe vendors scattered throughout the worlds. Make sure you find the right vendor for that world, you can't equip the stuff from the other vendors in that world. The correct vendor for you will list recipes that make equipment that can only be worn by death school wizards. When you find the right recipe vendor, look through the recipes till you find the death/ storm equipment. Buy the recipe, and craft the equipment. Most crafted combination equipment that includes storm should have a storm accuracy boost built in.

Jan 27, 2009
if it's not a storm pet then it won't raise storm accuracy