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bit more of pets

May 09, 2009
when i first heard of the update i was really excited much like the rest of the players. knowing that you could level them up to make them more powerfull and mix and match differnt pets. along with racing them. now that the mixing prices have been adjusted their is only one thing that i was kinda let down on

when i heard they the pets could level up i was kinda hoping for something far cooler than just getting a pet derby talant and one other talent.

i think it would be way way way way way cool if as the pets leveled up they got bigger and changed a bit every time.

for example the hydra would start out with the normal 3 heads but every level up it would get a bit bigger and a few extra heads.

stormzilla would also get bigger and mabye after it reached epic it would have bolts of electricity shooting out and hitting the ground.

and the wraith after it reached epic it could have black mist falling off of it and it would flicker from having its hood down to showing its face.

if you have any more idea pls post. and dont hold back on what you would like to have the pets look like! :D :D :D :D :D :D