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Best Storm Pet

Aug 01, 2010
What is the best storm pet? It is getting really frustrating because I see some other really good pets like penumbra drake and mummy cat for death and other pets for other schools. The one time I tried to hatch with an 81 pedigree storm beetle I got my same old pet
The only other storm pet that was even close to good was a frankenbunny (which is definitley NOT what I am looking for!) Anyone know a good storm pet?

Feb 29, 2012
Honestly, the best thing you can do is to mix and match.pets to get talents. There is no 'best pet' for any school, as it will depend on peoples thoughts about that and their ideas will be varied.

Honestly, I'd say, get a Storm pet with the card or talents that you want, then hatch, hatch, hatch! You'll be able to get your own perfect Storm pet. Just remember though, that pet only has to be perfect for you, as it is your own pet and it will help your play style.

Apr 17, 2009
I can't tell if your looking for a good pet (appearance) or a good pet for talents, well, Talents come from mix and matching hatches, not from one single pet, my Storm pets Beta Fish had 2 critical talents, 2 storm damages, and on the way to Mega, But my death has a Enchanted Armorment (which is balance) and the closest i've gone to perfect with a Enchanted Armorment so far is a fail at Epic, It had Spell Defy, May cast Spritely, May cast Pixie, and failed at Epic with tower shield treasure card, The school of the pets don't matter for talents, but if your looking for appearance, just keep looking out! :D

Dec 25, 2009
There are tons of amazing storm pets out their but it depends on your still of play and what you want.
But you also got to consider skills and how long it will take you to get the certain skills that you want.
Their are wizards that are defensive and others that are offensive my tip for you is to get a pet that gives storm boost such as baby-dactyl, beetle, or spark beast since storm is mainly about power and destruction :D

IF you want help with getting a quad damage pet for storm pm me ill be happy to help a fellow storm wizard.

Jul 05, 2010
scarlet nightdream said
honestly, the best thing you can do is mix and match pets to get their talents. There is no 'best pet' for any school, as it will depend on peoples thoughts about that and their ideas will be varied.

no way! the best pet is a rain beetle! mine has may cast fairy!
scarlet, btw some pets have same very good not all are good but you can say best pets and really mean it. best pets are all tied up! they are all good, no matter what. i even seen a blood bat that was rated 27 and it had may cast fairy, may cast unicorn, and may cast sprite! maybe some sort of glitch. well thats what i thought! i asked the owner if their blood bat really had those talents. she said:
yup! its not even hatched! i just put my mind to it! rare talents come from rare food! but idk if she right or wrong. i once had one like that but it was from the crown shop. weird!