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Best pet for me? Help please?

Mar 06, 2011
Ok i am a level 45 balance wizard named lindsey Raventhorn.

I have a yuletide spirit for a pet and she casts unicorn and has a pedigree of 62 and she comes with a normal seraph card.
I realize that in 3 levels i get the hydra pet, but he only has a pedigree of 53 and has a hydra card which deals 220 damage each.

Please research more in these pets and tell me which one is best for me, because i like both but i would prefer the one which gives me more of an advantage.

Level 45 Lindsey Raventhorn

Jul 28, 2010
Hhahahah, see, this is what I mean by people using pets as "objects for boots and help" instead of just regular old pets like they used to be. YES is does give an advantage but nobody works for it anymore except for the gold part. You have to get the gold. Thats it. So, anyways, I would recommend the one you like the most. Go to wizard101 central wiki. All you have to do is google "Yuletide spirit wizard101" and click the first thing, do the same with hydra and have a good lookat there talents and see which is best . Unfortunately I am in on this pet "thing" too.

Jan 05, 2014
In the long run, damage spells cast by pets are not terribly useful, particularly if you can cast the spell from your spellbook. The reason is that once you reach level 52+ and Celestia, you start learning the sun school spells that improve your spell damage or other details. Learned sun spells only work on learned damage spells, they won't work on item card spells that come from your pet. So, if for instance you have a pet hydra that does 3 x 220 damage, that might seem great until you compare it to a learned hydra boosted by gargantuan, which does 3 x 265 damage.

If you look at pet hatch offers in forums dedicated to them you will find that most high end hatchers are looking for pets that boost their damage multiplier or damage resistance. I do have a Dread Grimoire pet that has item card feint and hex that I like to break out for big boss battles, the item card traps stack with learned versions, and allow me to throw huge 10,000+ health judgement spells. Dread Grimoire is, unfortunately, a crown pet, but they are common enough you can get someone to hatch with you.

Heck, I wouldn't mind hatching my Dread Grimoire with your Yuletide Spirit if you are interested.

Aug 18, 2011
All first generation pets (bought or dropped in the game) have limited talents. You can start with one you like, then hatch with other players who have pets with talents you want.

There are many styles of play and kinds of pets for them, but a basic all-around with Spell Proof (resist), Pain giver (damage boost), Sharp-Shot (accuracy boost) and a may-cast heal like Fairy, Unicorn, or Spritely is a good starting point for most players. An extra buff is very handy, so a pet that gives a DragonBlade or Feint is nice, also the Enchanted Armament that lets us "sharpen" & stack our own blades. There's the Harpy and Therizinosaurus pets which give an attack-all spell with off-school damage. Those are a big help if you are a balance wizard fighting balance enemies.