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BADLY wanted pets

Dec 18, 2009
all over the spiril all the good and useful stuff cost crowns! and i have barley any real money for crowns and there is a gift card pet i BADLY want but i need to buy it for $20 then bout $10 for crowns so i can keep it for the whole game! and i found another way to get it but i have to get crowns for gold and i can't even save money for a house that costs 8,000 gold and the crowns are affecting my pet hunting (beating bosses and searching for pets) and i'm really mad that i see players with RARE pets and the only rare pets i have is a dark sprite (got it from nightshade) a snow snake (got it from the bazaar) and a myth sprite (got it from rattlebones)! and what i concider "rare of mine" is my first pet prince shadow and his brother rex. shadow is all blue and rex looks like a burning flamewing from dragonspyre or i call a charcoal dragon and really want a cat thug

May 01, 2010
Not true.

I've been playing for a year, and I have some very good stuff. I've only bought crowns once, and it was just to custom design an outfit for my Grandmaster. (I'm a girl, and they really don't have any "girly" outfits for Grandmasters.)

I have several houses for each of my 3 Grand wizards, and they each have a broom/tiger/dragon. All of this was done by simply playing the game. In fact, before the Pet update came out, all of my wizards were maxed on gold. I had simply run out of things to buy. Here's some tips to help save up some money:

1. Don't buy potions. Now that I'm higher level, I might break this rule occasionally, but generally speaking, you should only use potions in a dungeon. Even then, I only use them if I'm with a group who won't wait for me to heal. Otherwise, I just port back to town or find some health in the dungeon. I refill my potions at a mini-game. It's free, and over the long run, it saves you thousands.

2. Choose your equipment upgrades carefully. If you are looking at a cool looking piece of new armor, but the stats are almost the same, don't buy it. You shouldn't need a new outfit every five levels. Just use what you have until you find something better. When your stuff is 10 to 15 levels out of date, then upgrade. Otherwise, you end up spending thousands of gold for a few more health points or a minor damage increase. I mean, did a 2% damage increase ever win a battle for you?

3. Do your quests. I can't stress this one enough! Many quests have a reward in gold or equipment. They are also the quickest way to level. I see SO many low level wizards porting into Dragonspyre or Ravenscar to get XP. It's silly. Killing monsters is worth so little experience compared to doing quests. If you are impatient, then skip the side quests. If you want to see the Spiral, then go ahead and port to a high level area. However, if you want levels, stay where you are and fight.

4. Make friends. Find a couple of wizards who are fun, courteous and working on the same quests as you are. Go out of your way to be nice. Give them a shield, go first into battle, be the "nice guy". Two wizards can accomplish MUCH more than a single wizard, and three can tear up any dungeon. You will level like crazy!

5. Do your homework. Hey, if you are going to spend a bunch of time playing the game, you might as well do a bit of research, right? One pet peeve of mine is that so many wizards never really make good use of thier spells. They die over and over and over again, using the same old strategy. They take FOREVER to finish a battle. Since so much of your time in this game will be spent in battle, anything you can do to make the fights shorter is a good thing. It helps you collect gold faster and finish quests sooner. Find out how to make the best use of your spells. Read up on what works for other players. For example, some players throw every card that they have into thier deck, and just run into battle. On the other hand, I tend to adjust my deck before each battle. I'll toss in some Prims, or take out my traps, or whatever else might seem appropriate. Generally, I ask myself "Do I really want this card in my hand when I'm fighting this battle? Or, is there a different card that might work better?" A few seconds of tweaking your deck can cut the battle time down to almost nothing. Many times, I'll only put three or four cards into my deck. A blade, a trap, and a damage spell, for example. That way, I always know what I'll draw.

Best of luck!

A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009