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Arena ticket reward amount in pet derby

Jun 20, 2009
Is anyone else disappointed that you only get 2 arena tickets for winning first place in a pet race? After all, it isn't easy or cheap to level up your pets, and I'd think you would at least get 5 tickets for first. Plus, it takes AGES just to get into a ranked race. I sit there for anywhere between 5 minutes to an hour or sometimes even 2.. all for 2 arena tickets?? That's terrible! I think it should be raised to 5, for sure, at the very least. What do you think? Tell me in a reply. Thanks! :D

May 31, 2010

I thought is was 3 for first place , 2 for second , 1 for third and gold for 4th place?
I am ready to give up on trying to do pet races , simply because I can never find a ranked race. I try every weekend , during busy times , and log into the crowded/full realms , and still can never get a race. I wanted that black crow pet , but with only earning about 10 tickets every weekend , and spending hours in the pavillion , don't think I want to continue to waste my time. The crow cost 750. If you do the math , you see it will take me about a year and a half to get this pet.
I do agree , that maybe they need to increase the amount of tickets rewarded , could also try to reward with pets that will make new hybrids to entice new people to play the games , or maybe even allow races with just two or 3 pets competing.

Jun 20, 2009
I've heard it's 3 for first, and so on, but every time I've ever raced, it's only been 2. Idk what the problem is, maybe it's just me.. lol. Either way, I know what you mean, I want the pet that costs 1250, and as you can clearly see, that won't be happening any time soon Kings Isle, PLEASE increase the reward amount, or decrease the cost, or something! (Look at me, I've been reduced to begging) LOL