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Anyone wanting to hatch?

Nov 11, 2012
hey anyone want to hatch a pet with me....I am a death student I have the following pets that I am willing to hatch with:

Ancient Wraith: may cast death blade, and 4% pips, spirited

Ancient Penumbra Drake: may cast dragon blade spell, curse giver +20% to next spell, critical striker +20% critical, gives death trap and death scarab cards

Adult Bone Dragon: 2% pips, +74 Max health bounty

Adult Jellyfish: +33 Max mana gift, +67 Max health gift

Adult Scarecrow: 2% pips, may cast spritely

I really want to hatch with other school pets...trying to get death gnome, orthurus or any other pet hybrids. Anyone knows how to get Mummy cat?

Dec 05, 2012
I will hatch with you on my firezilla pet, lets set up a meeting time when I have enough gold

Nov 11, 2012
sure :] just post here when you are ready to meet so we can hatch ^_^ I'm on eastern time