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An interesting idea

Apr 30, 2010
Recently i've tried hatching my helephant and the result was (i best most of you know) a helephant. 43 thousand gold is a lot of money and it takes me about two days of farming to get it (One if i'm lucky) but i don't want to just keep getting a helephant out of it. So here's the thing. Why don't you make pet hatching completely random? Not random like it is now where you may get your own pet back but random about what kind of pet it creates. Like they could take abilities or schools from one pet and mix it with the other. They could take the basic shape of one or a new pet all together. They're cards (if the have one) would be random also if was baby or epic and the power of the card. Like you could mix a helephant with a dragon and maybe get a draconian looking thing, or maybe you would get something that looks like a dragon you could by for gold but it gives a card.
In case you don't get what i'm saying I'll do a few examples

Helephant+Storm Cat = Helecat. Gives one card at teen that does 125-280, school fire, gives +1% fire attack +37 mana and so on
Heck Hound + Wildclaw= Wild hound. Gives on card at Epic that does 750-875 damage. School Fire, +50 speed +10 percent Fire defense (Let it be taken into account that the abilites are recived only as the pet goes up levels, baby to teen, teen to adult and so on)
And the school doesn't have to be one of the schools that the pets came from.

Stormzilla+Helephant= Death Warrior. Gives one card at adult damage 320-450, gives half to you. School death, abilites +4 death attack +5 percent power pips, +100 speed and so on.
Here's another idea that i got from a different wizard but i think its really awesome.
Wraith+Royal Dragon= Dragon Spirit. Gives one card at Ancient: Summon. Summons a minion to aide you that looks exactly like the pet. School Death. Gives +2 death attack +100 health and so on.

Kind of get it? Except each time you do it, it would be random and there would be a chance of getting almost anything except the pet you already have. But you could also get a pet like this...

Snow serpent + Hydra = Sea Serpent gives one card at adult, damage 80-125. School ice. gives +25 speed, + 2 mana and so on

So the pet could be really good or not so great, but either way you wouldn't spend money on a pet that you already have. I know that KI has enough imagination to create hundreds of creatures like this, even i came up with a few and i could do dozens more. So your pet could be unique or a hard one to find. Of course the really good pets would still have to have a rare chance of being made but hey at least you don't get a helephant for a helephant. Or KI could even do something where you were allowed only once to chose your pets apperance, but of course it would have to cost a lot of crowns or gold. But if this happens please take into account the fact that KI might have to raise the price of hatching again so rare pets stay rare, but wouldn't it be worth it just as long as you don't get your same pet back? Hatching has been having a lot of problems lately and I'm just trying to find a way to make it better. There would still be some complaining if people get some bad pets but hey at least you don't get the pet you started with. What do all you other wizards out there think? Have any other ideas for really Awesome, mind blowing pets? Feel free to descirbe them in detail and talk about all the powers it could have. Or have any ideas about a really bad pet post them as well. :)

From your fellow wizard-in-training
Aaron FireStone lvl 49 pyromancer.
-If you give a man a match he will be warm for a moment, set him alight and he will be warm for the rest of his life- (Not mine but i like it :)