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An Egg From Nowhere?

Mar 08, 2009

I just had something fairly odd occur on the Test Realm.

This happened after the recent reset (of Crowns and data and so forth)..

Anyhow, once the Test Realms reset had occurred, I logged in to continue experimenting with the new pets.

But as luck would have it, just after I got into the game someone asked me for help, ..and I ended up helping my friend instead.

I ended up logging out after that.. without really getting to do anything related to the pets at that point.

So today I log into the Test Realms, and I discover my character now has an Egg that is counting down to be hatched.

I knew I had not bred anything the day before. So I am not sure where this mystery egg even came from.

So the first thing I thought of was that someone, ..somehow got my password, and had created the mystery egg.

So I immediately log out, and just to be safe, ..I changed my password to something very complex, and logged into to the live server to look at my regular character over there.

Everything back on the live server seems fine, exactly how I left things the last time I had played there.. back before the Test Realm opened.

So I head back to the Test Realm, and look more closely at things.

After looking around everything in the Test Realms seems fine too, the character has all of his Gold, Crowns, and everything else.

Nothing on either the live server or the Test Realms seemed amiss.

Except for the fact that I now had an egg, that I did not create.

The egg ended up hatching into a baby Ghoul.

I don't have any pet Ghouls, and have never ever owned one.

My question for the Professors (or for anyone else) is this..

Was this mystery egg just a Test Realm Glitch?

As I said, changed my password just in case (in panic), even though don't see how anyone could have gotten or guessed my old one.

I just wonder what other folks think might have happened?

Professors, does it sound like the sudden appearance of the egg was a Glitch?

Thank You!

Jun 09, 2009
It might of been a glitch or the following:

Sibling messing around
Update thing(most likely not!)
Add to list as I am to lazy to continue :P

If you are missing gold/crowns on test realm. Be concerned.

Mar 08, 2009
Thanks for the reply Angelocean,

No. As far as I can tell, nothing seems missing from my Character, such as his Gold, Crowns or possessions.. either on the Live Server, or on the Test Realm.

The only thing that I can't explain, is (on the Test Realm) this mystery Egg which suddenly appeared within my backpack (for no apparent reason), and has since hatched into a Baby Ghoul.

Again I don't know how I even got the Egg in the first place.

As I said, none of my Crowns or Gold, or my Gear or anything else is gone.

So I am thinking my account is fine, as I am the only person who plays the game. (I took the precaution of changing my password just in case, but I don't think that was ever a problem)

I am guessing it is a Glitch of some sort, with the new pets or something.

Has this (suddenly getting an Egg for no reason).. ever happened to anyone else?

Apr 09, 2010
yes i have recieved an egg when i first got on the test realm so i waited 1 minute and it hatched into nothing i had a space in my invotory that didnt have a name and when i selected it a shadow would appear where my pet was supposed to standing so i traanded it and when i had enough gold to mix it i did and when the screen poped up asking if you whant to mix and it showed a pic of a mouse magican so i mixed with the death cat and got a death mouse magican

valdus frostrunner lvl 32 magus thuamatugre

Feb 05, 2010
Have you buyed a pet or got a pet from a boss as a drop?
If not I really think it as a glitch. Kinda.....
Lucas drakebloom
Level 38
Ice wizard
crusher crusher

Mar 08, 2009
Thank You to everyone who commented.

Looking back upon the events surrounding the arrival of the mystery Egg.. I now think it is possible that my character may indeed have gotten the Egg from a Boss fight when I was busy helping my friend.

If this was the case, I might not have noticed the message concerning the Egg because I logged off immediately afterwards.

This seems to be a plausible explanation as to why the only thing that was different was the Egg. Nothing else was changed at all.

Again Thank You everyone for all of your feedback concerning this.

Aug 07, 2009
you know the same thing happened to me before the new pets came i was doing quests in marleybone and when i was at the bazzar selling stuff i had a ghoul i equiped it and he worked perfectly but i never remember seeing anything saying i got it until i went in my back pack