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All problems with pets (READ)

Aug 18, 2009
1. Does anyone else find it wierd that Wizard101 is making harder to get pets and enjoy them? because ever sense the hatching stuff came out, i has been pain to even show off my awsome pet.

2. Hatching is just way to much. If you have ever hatched a pet it coast about 80000 Gold. Now why would you pay 80000 gold for a egg. The pet can stay unborn for all i care. And also why does it take 5 - 6 hours for a egg to hatch, and also why are ghosts, trees, and Lord Nightshade hatching from a egg? Hydra should hatch from a egg not any other pet.

3. If i have a adult pet and i have to pay 80000 gold just so they can have a baby . why cant we let them do it by them selves i mean this kinda wierd haw they stit in a chair and get shocked to have babies.

4.You notice how when you battle bosses you get pets well for some random reason the chances of getting that bosses pet is not 10%. now when you kill lost souls they give you stuff like - Wings, Pets, 1000 gold, rare hats , ect

Please comment on 1 - 4