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Advanced Pets Help in Battles?

Sep 10, 2009
How does your advanced pets help you in battles? I have an Ancient pet, and it doesn't really do anything but what it always does, stands by my side and watches the battle. People on Wizard101 are saying that they help you, but my pets don't. Is this normal? Are they supposed to help you in battles? Are there special kind of pets that are the only ones who help in battles? I really need to know cause they are putting the advanced pets and the Pet Pavillion in the Live Realm right now. Thank you!

May 02, 2009
What is means is that some pets have the ability to cast a spell in battle. when they do it is completly random. Also, aside from the spell casting, some give accuracy, health and mana increase and the like.
Hope I helped.

Mar 01, 2009
Other than the pets helping you in battle, will their experience increase or will anything increase when you are completing missions because it take a ten minutes for only one pet energy to come back and it takes a lot of energy and time to increase a pets experience and also no one is that rich enough to keep spending crowns on energy and snacks.