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Advanced Pets: Appearance Customization

Nov 21, 2009
Allright, this is my first post on the forums. Let's hope i dont mess up somthing. :P

First of all, i'd like to say that i think the advanced pets are a great idea, a thought that i have a feeling is shared by a lot of players.
I think it could be improved in various ways though, and i will be posting an idea here that i think would be awesome to have in the game and a great motivator to train your pets.

What i think would be really cool, would be if we, the players, were allowed to slightly change the appearance of our pets as they grow.
Maybe add a slight glow to your pet's eyes, or change it's clothing, fur or skin color?

It could be made so that every time a pet grows, it is granted a small amount of "Customization Points".
These points could be used to add a variety of appearance features to player pets, ranging from something as small as an eye glow to a major color re-skin.
I'm imagining that you get more points for the higher levels than the lower levels, making the amount of customization possible bigger as your pet grows.
For example:
Baby - 0 Points Granted
Teen - 1 Point Granted
Adult - 2 Points Granted
Ancient - 4 Points Granted
Epic - 8 Points Granted

This system would allow players to personalize their pets, and make even the really cool pets that everyone wants, such as Wraiths and Collosi, as customizable as the lower-ranking pets, like dragons.

You see several people with the exact same wraith or jade oni running around EVERY day, but i personally have not yet seen two dragons looking exactly the same.

Thank you for reading. :) I hope this idea was not too confusingly written down.
If you have any questions or feedback, please post it!
-Richard Frostglade