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A question about mc storm blade :)

Sep 05, 2014
Hi Everyone!

Hoping you guys are having a great time adventuring in the Spiral

Next week will be the end of my first month in the game, and so far I have had so much fun making friends, decorating house and fishing. LOL

To the question, can anyone please tell me what triggers mc storm blade?

My spiny fish has the ability which she casts from time to time but i never really figured out what triggered it. A friend said I'd need to land an attack on a monster first, while another said just blading myself with a regular storm blade will trigger this mc.

I've looked on a few websites and haven't yet found an answer

Thanks for your time, guys

Sabrina Skycaster, lvl 17 Initiate Crafter,

Sep 17, 2012
May Cast blades are triggered by attacking and by casting blades or traps.

Sep 05, 2014
seethe42 on Sep 25, 2014 wrote:
May Cast blades are triggered by attacking and by casting blades or traps.
Thank you Seethe42 ! I'm glad to know just blading up myself is also a trigger for mc storm blade.

Having had to make a small opening attack on monsters (like a simple wand spell) every time for the past week doesn't really suit the way I play. I'd rather blade, hit and repeat it if needed to ensure I land an attack strong enough to make those monsters reeling LOL ! ).

Sabrina Skycaster, Adept crafter, lvl 18