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a pet with healin and resistance

Jan 29, 2012
Hey everybody, I am a fire wizard that is looking for a pet that has talents with resistance and can heal. I would also like, but doesn't need damage as an extra talent. If you guys are willing to help, the pets I have, that are any good, is my mega ember stone tiger, and it has the following talents: may cast fairy, may cast unicorn, may cast spritely, may cast vengeance, and gives a grand phoenix card. I also have a epic cold fire dragon, who has the except same talents except for the grand phoenix card. also, an epic night hawk with 9 resistance for storm, 6 damage for storm, plus 5 pip percentage, and spritely. Lastly, a sea dragon with spritely, plus 6 accuracy, plus 5 pip percentage, and one pierce card. If you are interested in hatching with me, please let me know and tell me with which pet you want to hatch with. Thanks.