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A Pet To Hatch With? (Austin SummerBrand)

Jun 19, 2015
Finally after numerous attempts of breeding with a sun serpent I finally get one to hatch.
Sun Serpent 62(22)

1st Talent : Sprite
2nd Talent : Unicorn
So everything is going well so I decide to train it up to ancient for some fire stats. Then this happens
3rd Talent : Ice - Giver (+4%)

I was wondering if any one was willing to hatch (maybe more than once?) to try and get ice - giver out of the breeding pool.

I would like Either Universal Damage/Critical (The / means or I do not need the two talents on the same pet)
Fairy/Healing Current
Fire Damage/Critical

After looking around the Hatchery for about an hour no one seems to care so much for that ice damage.
If anyone is willing to hatch, contact me by posting a reply.