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A neat Idea for pets

Jun 09, 2010
I know our pets start out as babies and if you notice they never actually grow in size as they age, but wouldn't it be more realistic if the creators of the pets would allow them to realistically grow as they age? At least to the size of the rideable pets. I think it would make the pets that much more neat!

Mar 15, 2009
Feb 08, 2009
Evolution would be so cool there would be a different evolution for every lvl of age thats probably not gonna happen but here is my hydra ideas

Baby Hydra: Small hydra like normal pet

Teen Hydra: Gets a myth head and adds 20 then 170 to the normal hits

Adult Hydra: Gets a little bigger and gets life head heals 200 added to others

Ancient: Adds Death head steal 190 added

Epic Hydra: Grows in size bcomes a mount and a pet and gives An Ancient Hydra card but doubled power