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A bit worried and upset over grandmaster pet

Aug 21, 2009
I feel like I am being heavily penalized on my grandmaster pet. So far it is ancient and does not have increased pip chance. The people who had ancient pets before pet training came out were given increased pip chance, and now all the new born grand pets are said to be given increased pip chance, but what about mine? The grand pets that somehow were obtained between these periods, will mine be among the few grandmaster pets that never gets to have increased pip chance, and if so how is that fair? As a recent and current member, I'm upset and worried about this.

May 19, 2009
All school pets will get a pip increase, if yours is ancient and still doesnt have it then it will recieve once it reaches epic.

Nov 10, 2009
i just trained my orthrus to teen and it doesnt have power pip talent, i guess KI just dont do what they say, like they say they gonna fix the bug on all life pets they didnt, they said they gonna give power pip talent to all lvl 48 pets, they wont

'pets will help you in your magic duel' sounded so great when they said that. but look how pets can help? you seen your pet cast a 'storm ward' or a 'storm trap'? no

do something KI!!

Apr 29, 2010
If you got your level 48 pet between the pet update and the patch then it may not have pip boost. I know of two epic level 48 pets gained in this period that don't have it. Hopefully KI will get round to addressing these pets soon.