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LV 48 Pets

Jun 27, 2009
If I go to the pet hatchery and the other pet is a lv 48 pet will I get the card too 8)

Because I really want the Hydra with card

Jun 09, 2009
Jul 26, 2009
I am very disappointed in the new lvl 48 pets in that they no longer automatically get the +5 Pip Boost Talent that they did upon receipt of the pet after completing the lvl 48 last spell and pet quest.

I feel ALL new Class pets should not be a hatch, but be an instant pet with the +5 Pip Boost Talent as before. Without this talent, the pet is really little more than a card.

New class pets attaining so called "talents" such as "Efficient" and "Crafty" neither enhances the pets abilities nor game play and are not really Talents at all. They are non talents randomly assigned when raising your pet taking up spaces where REAL talents such as +5 Pip boost Talent should go.

We work hard to get our class pets and then to find they get they arbitrarily assigned non talents is the biggest let down I have had on Wizard101.

Mar 10, 2010
maybe someone could help how do i go about getting a woodwalker pet.....stumped.....lol :( thanks