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Heres a question is there a myth wraith pet

Aug 20, 2009
Does anyone know is there such a thing as a myth wraith wizard 101 wiki does not tell me anything ao i am stumpt . Me and my friend that has the two headed dog pet want to hatch will we both get grim hound are am i going to get a myth wraith.] Is super clue less. :-( Plz tell me if you know. I really want to know if there is such thing as a myth wraith. itches head. From very clue less Alyssa deathflame

Jul 15, 2009
At this time, none of the hybrid pet forms have hybrid cards that reflect the school of the pet.

You may get a grim hound, which will have the myth-based Orthus card. You may get the myth wraith, which will have the death based Wraith card.

Odds are better that you will get another Orthus. It is statistically possible to get a phenotypical hybrid first time out, you need to be be prepared to try multiple times. (Think 6-10 +, not 2 or 3.

Only you can make the call on whether it is worth your time and gold to get that phenotypical hybrid.

Jan 27, 2009
no there is not, you get a grymtooth or a nightwalker(death minotaur)

Jul 27, 2010
well if you want a myth wraith well no such thing as it so just go with death school

- Robert dreamgem the ice necromancer of fiery life