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Your Epic Fail

May 10, 2013
When your training a pet, do you ever come up upon a epic fail?

Well here's mine:
I was training a eternal leviathan.
It was mega.
I fed it sun fruit.
What did it get? Extra Mana. Not fairy!

I'm shocked...

May 08, 2014
My pet only had one chance at getting anything other than a ultra rare or epic. And after a lot of training my pet got to epic and guess what it got plus 20 will

May 02, 2014
Yes everyone pets failed at sometime when you are training it.

Kymma lvl 27

My first deer knight pet failed at teen and at adult I got resistance.

Then a ranked warlord helped me hatch with hers pet I got resistance of only 2 same as my old deer knight pet then I got May cast fairy on my new deer knight pet

I hope that helps you