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Why some pets don't have exclusive animation?

Feb 22, 2009
I'm SO DISSAPOINTED that some "card pets" dont have a exclusive animation.

Why Dark Crow appears as a regular Fire bird?

Why Life scarab appears as a Sand Scarab?

Why Life Minotaur appears as a regular Minotaur?

Why Life Banshee appears as a regular Bashee?

Why Life Bat appears as a Blood Bat?

I mean, this dont even makes sense! IceBird, Fire/Ice Bats, Firezilla,Earthwalker,Jade Oni,Storm/Ice cat, Ice/Storm Elf, Magma Man, Storm Bettlee, for example, have a exclusive animation, why they don't deserve it too??

We have all the work to Drop, TRAIN the pet to adult/Ancient to have a exclusive card spell and all we got is a regular one with your school symbol...

I REALLY don't understand this... :|