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Why do you have to have coins to hatch an egg

Jun 18, 2009
Hey guys! Well, they lowered the prices. My brother [Duncan SkullSpear] wants to hatch with his Collosus. He is trying for money so much. They lowered the prices by a little more then half from the last time we tried to hatch with another Lvl 48 quest pet. It went from around 99,000 to 46,000

Scarlet Willow
Master Sorcerer Lvl 48-Dragonspyre

Victoria Dusk
Adept Necromancer Lvl 28-MooShu

Feb 14, 2009
Its just another way for wizard to make money, they make tons of money already, but yet they have to charge so much to hatch an egg its sad! kids are not made of money! And after you kill a boss, his chest comes up to take more of your crowns/money and most of the stuff you get is not worth the cost. Every time you turn around you have to spend money. Hatching eggs should be free or cost very little. I am so sick and tired of shelling out money in this game I want to close my account, but have put so much cash in now, hate to quit and lose it.