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Who else things the 1pt per game ruins Pets?

Mar 31, 2010
I am close to done with the game. If many were complaining about this on the test realm and it still went live, then my faith in KI is done. I have 3 Ancients and there is no way I am going to even attempt to get them to Epic. Between this, 100k + for hatching, and spells that don't even align with the class of pet you have chosen, makes the pet expansion nothing but fail. I am blown away that they would even consider putting this expansion live in this state.

Sep 04, 2009
DarthNexus wrote:
wichmann59 wrote:
apostlesmock wrote:
just do the maze game and get 70 points, it's a simple way to get max points.

The maze is luck. If the clock are not were you can find then you are out if luck. Or the ghost can freeze you and you get hit over and over by ghost lot letting you move. The cannon is more repeatable but it is full of bugs. They say that they know but this was in the test area and reported many weeks ago.
I still do not know why they did not fix the reported bugs before going live and makeing everyone suffer.

lol.. i agree with the maze game. it is extremly easy i get 90+ points on it. every time so far i have gotten all perfect on every one i played. So luck has nothing to do with it , luck has nothing to do with any of the other minigames as well.
Ok, it might not be luck with you. but for me, it includes TONS of luck for the maze game! I always get just ok or try harder.

Mar 15, 2009
I may be wrong about this but do the math and let me know plz

now if you add up your pets total stats for your pet they may not get you to epic.
why because once you max out a stat you no longer gain any experiance points to level up over all,they are so to speak lost!

So if your pet can't get 1875 experiance you cant get to epic.unless you get lucky and hatch a pet that you can get up to epic.

think about it and let me know ok thank you.

Michael RedBlood
Grandmaster Death