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Whats YOUR favorite pet?

Jan 05, 2010
I have 5 so here it goes:
2.Life Minotaur
4.Fire Serpent
5.Spider Golem


Talon GriffinBlood
Level 60 MYTH

Mar 18, 2011
pandalover3 wrote:
Ice cat from Target, Sea Dragon, Fierce Hound, and most of the level forty-eight pet hatches.
i lovez the orthrus+ice hound and my mom's fav pets are the banshee+green cat thug o_o

Feb 23, 2010
My favorite pet is the wraith hybrid Archfeind i love the way it looks GO DEATH!

Mar 08, 2009
Alas, I am torn between two of my pets. They are both jade hounds but my first favorite pet is Precious because I finally got her after trying numerous times to get the mix. And there is jade hound Jasmine. She is a hatch between my jade hound Precious and a sea dragon. She is a pet worth training, I already have pain-giver and spritely, and there is 2 epic slots hopefully one will be filled if not the other ultra rare slot.

"A pet is not an object, its your family member."

Jul 20, 2009
*Hugs my Phoenix* My Phoenix is my best pet! Here is his talents and stats (his name is King Brady now, I changed it :P)
TALENTS: 2% more fire damage (Fire-Giver)
Fire Trap: May cast Fire Trap spell. (It never casted it before).

Derby: Oil Slick: (Adds oil slick to the current lane, 30 seconds cooldown)
Dead End: (Adds barrier to current lane. 30s cooldown also.)

I'll add more soon!
EDIT: i got it to Epic, here is the new stats...
TALENTS: +5% more fire damage (Fire-Giver)
Fire Trap: May cast Fire Trap spell. (It casted it a few times now! :D)
Fire Shot: +6% Fire Accuracy (Fire-Shot)
Fire-Proof: +9% Fire resistance
Derby: Oil Slick (Adds oil slick to current lane, 30 secs cooldown.)
Dead End: (Adds barrier to current lane. 30 secs cooldown.)
Super Hurry: (+50 speed to self, 30 secs cooldown.)
Unbreakable: (Immunity to debuffs 15s, 30s cooldown, I don't get this talent, I hope I get used to it!)
Age: Epic
I really wanted it to have Spritely at epic, but oh well, it got fire-proof instead, I guess it's good...

Sep 14, 2009
Jul 20, 2009
Feb 03, 2011
Mine is Fierce Hound, Wildclaw, Minotaur and Ice hound.

justin hawkflame lvl 22 pyromancer

Apr 24, 2010
Apr 21, 2010
stuessyc wrote:
well my mom saw a storm kraken pet once so i`d have to say storm kraken pet if anyone knows what boss drops it tell me because i really really want it

you have to be a storm wizard and be on level 58 to get it.

Nov 17, 2009
phoenix and flamezilla, hands down. no contest.

i like the phoenix cause it is small and still strong, has great may-cast talents, and the spell it gives kicks butt. i also like how it glides after flapping its wings a lot.

i like the flamezilla because it is like a little godzilla +t-rex, the card is great, and it gives me fire accuracy and fire elf. i also like how it hops around.

Rogan DragonThorn, legendary Pyromancer

Sep 18, 2009
Of my purchased pets, I love my fierce hound, Harley. It learned all combat skills, no time wasted on "will +50" type junk. It has spritely and uses it profusely. Often two or 3 times per round. I also have a dragon from the dragon hoard packs that casts Tower Shield by itself. Need to finish training that one to see what else it may learn.

Of my 37 dropped pets, I am torn. I love the buffs and card my Fire serpent learned (dropped by Boris Blackrock) as well as my Ice Bird (dropped by Nightwing). That fire serpent, on top of my gear, pushed my accuracy bonus to 23%. On a fire wizard. That brings those 75% spells to 98%. I like. :) For cuteness, I like the Storm Cat I got from Herkir. He is so bouncy and I love the colors.

Of quest reward pets, I like the Piggle and the Jellyfish. Both cute. :)

Jul 24, 2011
My favorite pet?Well to be honest I kind of like common pets here are my favorite pets.

1. HeckhoundsThey are just plain epic I have one called Buster that's my favorite pet and when I feel a little bored I just train him, or explore with him.

2. I forgot what its called but it came with a Pre Paid Card, like a Colosuss or something, mine is named Madame Boots

3. Myth GhoulsThey are just plain awesome, I've had one called Lord Rex, which I forgot what happened to him.

4. Bloodbats This was my first pet ever, and favorite too, I got it to an Adult, but then I deleted the character, and never saw from the pet again.His name was Prince Cody

And there is my answer.

Jun 17, 2010
Jan 31, 2011
Definitely snow angel. I think that's what she's called.
A mix of level 48 satyr & ice colossus.
So rad!

May 28, 2011
dounut789 wrote:
I also have two strange pet names.

1 : Charlie. He's a Unicorn. Charlie the Unicorn

2 : Tyson. He's a Cyclops. As in Tyson the Cyclops from the Percy Jackson.

high five for an awesome book series!!!

Aug 28, 2011
My favorite pet is the danger hound. but the thing is, i have no idea how to get it. i've seen people with it but how they get it? i so confused

Sep 19, 2009