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Unequipable Pet

Aug 26, 2011
According to the release notes for pets ( https://www.wizard101.com/game/community/updatenotes/april2010 ) if you hatch with a pet you can't equip you should NOT get an unequipable pet as a result.

I'm trying to get spritely for my ice wizard, so what I did was cross a vigilant dragon with the ice wizards ice wyvern on my death wizard, which should have resulted in an vigilant dragon, or so I thought. What I got to my surprise in the latest hatchign was an ice wyvern. (the first 5 hatchings had been vigilant dragons).

Is this supposed to happen? or is it a bug? It's not the end of the world, since I can train it on my ice wizard, just will be a lot slower since i'm also using that one to garden.

Jan 21, 2010
The pet hatching process has been updated since then. People were taking ht lvl 48 reward pets from two of their wizards and passing them, using the shared bank, to yet another of their wizards in order to hatch hybrids each and every time. In other words passing a wraith(death only) and a helephant(fire only) to their ice wizard and always getting one of the death/fire hybrids, each and every hatch, because ice wizards cannot equip wraiths or helephants.

It worked too. The problem is that hybrid pets are supposed to be rare! So that update you linked was out of date within two weeks... two years ago.