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Traits that count

May 31, 2009
I finally leveled a fire bird up to Mega, it is an awesome pet, the reason is because all the traits it gives is for Benefit of fighting. and nor a Derby mix, once a pet gives a derby trait i abandon that pet and move on to another hatch, it the derby trait comes late into leveling i just stop leveling and hatch again. I have several pets i leveled to epic but abandon because it showed a derby trait, I don't play derby, for those that do, more power to you. I have my pet to benefit me when i fight. Losing a trait is just not acceptable. Today my level 73 in pedigree fire bird, gave me all Battle traits and one i feel is really good was the increase in critical rate it gave, My hat off to you game, you got it right. Now i only wish i could get critical rate for my storm as his pet is good but it lacks good battle traits, it gives blade storm and balance, but does no healing and storm need a pet that heals. Storm needs a pet to heal, give blade and increase critical this would be an ideal pet. I fear if i try for critical with my storm mix it with fire, i will get a storm pet showing fire traits. Anyway, it is good to see the game is going in right direction on pets, but i would like to see more school pets get better. My ice and my Balance have mega pets but they lack best traits. I gave up on ice Woolly pet just could not get a decent hatch.