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The Deckathalon Hamsters are underappreciated.

Feb 12, 2015
The purpose of this post is simple; to promote discussion about the final reward of the Deckathalon event. Looking at their base abilities, I feel that the Hamsters are incredibly capable pets and perhaps not noticed enough as they should.

Some backstory to my opinion on this. Around the start of this year I began looking for a new pet to replace my Storm Wizard's two Enchanted Armaments of many years to prepare for the upcoming world (They will be missed). I looked around for a while, and the Storm Hamster drew my attention. It seemed to be very remarkable, so when February's Storm Deckathalon turned around I fought tooth and claw and got one for myself (His name is Chester).

After completely forgetting about him for a couple months (as per usual for me), I have recently started raising him again (Currently Epic, and already very good). Then I realized that I have not seen another person with the hamster, and I thought about why that is.

Yes, I'm well aware of how hard it is to obtain one of the Deckathalon Hamsters. But I know that there also players who rise up to the challenge and get one. For those who don't know, a fully trained Deckathalon Hamster gives three Item Cards; Elemental/Spirit Shield, a Blade of the Hamster's School, and Sharpened Blade. Their first generation abilities are also very good, too, including good damage boosts, universal resist boosts, and Maycast Shatter. So they have very nice potential.

Concluding this, I would like to ask; does anyone reading this use these Hamsters themselves? And what is your opinion on them?

Jun 10, 2012
I have the storm class pet (the hamster from the first storm decka before the will cast ) and i trained him a bit. I dont use it cuz even if he give me decent talents, storm dmg maycast windstorm and critical, :
- I prefer specialized pets ( full utility cast, stats giver, healer, only resist, ...
- The spell naturally given have less use for me than the ones from other pet
- this pet dont help more than another pet on decka event (for the balance i understand but thats a litlle stupid decka wand and pet dont help more with the card given)
- except the color and the size thats not a very magical pet

So my others pets are better on talents, spells and appearance, so i don't use it

Ghulture 1 resist 2 dmg 2 crit give blade and trap
Rain core 1 resist 3 dmg 1 crit give blade and dot
Storm fairy full maycast give dot

But he is a perfect first generation pet to start hatching for betters stats

I didn't tried to get the storm hamster (the post pet update and actual version) cuz as long as the spellement drop only for rank 1 and 2 spell the decka event is just a waste of gold and he is not so different.

Sep 07, 2011
I agree! Cute pets with useful cards, and decent starting stats and talent pool. Among the best first-gens in the game, and good starting points for improvement if you are making a school-specific pet.