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the best pets

Dec 08, 2010
what do you think the best pet is? i think the White rat magician because mine gives a spell, mana, and will randomly cast myth shield! (that came on handy XD) So what do you think is the best pet?

Jun 10, 2009
My Firezilla pet! It gives me 105 health, 84 mana, +2% accuracy to fire,
And a Firezilla card that does 730 damage for 4 pips
William Crowthistle Legendary Pyromancer

Apr 30, 2010
My favorite pet on my life is my satyr. My favorite pet on my death is the midnight fairy. My myth loves her krok so that is her favorite pet.

Nov 29, 2008
my best pet is my ice hound, he has spritely, so he can randomly cast sprite, spell proof, which means 10% resist to all attacks! death proof is probably the worst talent it has, but with spell proof thats a 20% resist JUST from the pet! finally it has disarmament which means i can get rid of enemies blades!

Jul 09, 2009
Oct 08, 2010
Dec 21, 2009
garrett356 wrote:
where can i get a pet with spritely?

Spritely is one of the abilities your pet has a possibility of obtaining while leveling them up in the Pet Pavilion. No pet is predetermined to automatically receive it while training. It depends on your luck. Your chances for a pet that gets spritely increases however when you hatch a pet with one that has this ability already. The hybrid created is more likely to gain the spell.

Saffron IronThorn,
Legendary Pyromancer

Apr 30, 2010
I've decided to retire my satyr for a while and now forest lord is my new favorite pet because it gives me spirtely and pips 'o plenty (whicj I had on my satyr.)

Apr 07, 2009
my favorite pet i have is a defender pig. this pet looks like one of those reddish ninja pigs, and it gives a 6% resist to everything and 2 cards, dryad which is 200 health per pip (very helpful) , and another (i don't know what it's called) and i can sacrifice a minion for 3 pips.

-Noah dragonwraith (42 death)

Jun 04, 2009
I think the best pet is a pet with spritely pain giver 6% spell proof 10% spell defy 6%

Nov 17, 2010
it doesnt matter what the pet looks like, if it gives you spritely is good, and if it gives you gifts that you use all the time in battle, like:

- pip chance
- accuracy
- attack
- resist
is very good. my pet gives me just enough to have 100% pip, and a 95% accuracy. so i never see a white pip, and i hardly ever fizz ;)

health and mana is garbage. as a lower level maybe, as a legendary no.

Nov 13, 2010
my nightwalker, it has 71 pedigree and its talents are: gives pierce spell, may cast power play, spritely, and +6% to all accuarcy and that comes in handy cause it made it so i have 100% chance of hitting with fire spells

Antonio Griffinflame, legendary pyromancer

Nov 13, 2010
forgot something about my nightwalker pet, its also the retired version so it gives death minotaur card :D

Feb 03, 2011
probably the best pet is nightmare and ninja pig.

justin hawkflame
lvl 20 pyromacer :D

Jun 19, 2009
I like my fierce hound and my kraken. both have spritely. but i hatched my storm hound with my fierce and it got spritely when leveled. I leveled it further and got stormblade random, spritely random, storm trap, and health and resist. It makes a very nice ancient pet.

Apr 20, 2011
I'm only new to the game but I've created some great Wizards but my pets seem to be the problem.
I duelled alongside Wizards whose pets have the ability to cast spells. Do all pets do this?
What age do they have to be to cast spells?
It doesn't seem to matter whether I buy a pet with gold or crowns or I am given one, they never seem to amount to much.
Currently my Theurgist has a Myth Sprite that is halway to becoming an ancient and my Conjurer has a Myth Ghoul which is at the same level.
Any advice about pets and which kind to get training etc would be very appreciated :D