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Storm Damage Pet and where to get Mega Snacks????

Jun 01, 2014
Ok as it says can someone hatch or give me some info about storm damage pets because my Kraken is Epic and at teen gave +1% storm damage and Adult and above it gave derby talents except health gift which now is +20 health.So anyone know a for sure good damage pet and btw i don't want a bundle unless thats all it is.I am ok with farming i guess but eh not really like 50;50.

And my second question is anyone know where to get mega snacks to level pets i have only about 500 crowns so won't help really and i heard mirror lake and waterworks but i farmed waterworks around 10-15 times and only got 2 mega's.And i am in elephant graveyard right now well about to enter.So can you answer these????Thank you for your info.

Blake 74
Blake 15

Sep 07, 2011
The best way to get lots of Mega Snacks is to garden. If you have crowns, Evil Magma Peas are great, if not, Prickly Bear, Couch Potatoes. Deadly Helephant Ears, and several other plants give rank 8 or 9 snacks.

Jun 19, 2010
farming Mirror Lake is popular...

...you end up with 2 mega snacks that bring your pet 30 points.

Farming Waterworks brings you random pet snacks as drops; vice receiving the same snacks every time.

Many players also farm dungeons like Winterbane because players receive multiple pet snack drops too.

Aug 10, 2009
you can easily farm grizz for couch potatoes.. Don't even have to farm the boss'. I have evil magma peas on 3 of my wizards and on another two I have couch potatoes.. Every week I get what would equal 7 mega snack packs in pet snacks.
I do not stack the gardens anymore because I lost an evil magma pea because it didn't drop one at elder. KI says it is not against the rules but it is not supported either so do it at your own risk.. Evil magma peas are harder to farm because they are dropped by some high level boss types. Not sure what is the lowest level boss that drops them.

Anyway, hope this helps