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Skateboard Mount Push

May 02, 2010
Hello! I’m not sure if this has been posted or discussed but I feel it needs a look. I just bought the Wizard City Wheels Mount and was so excited because for as long as I’ve been playing w101 (10+years) I have also been skateboarding. The mount is great, it kickflips when you jump, it shuv its when you turn and I even got it to grind on curbs lol but one thing about the mount I really don’t like is the way you push. The animation for pushing the board is incorrect because you push mongo (with the back foot) instead of pushing correctly with the front foot. I’m wondering if this can be changed for those like me who skate and play w101. No hate for those that do push mongo but it is regarded in skateboarding as a bad habit that needs correcting and is something I personally had to change when I started skating. Let me know what you guys think about this or if it can be fixed! Thanks!