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Sea Dragon vs Dread Grimoire.

Dec 24, 2009
I know the title is kind of misleading, but which is better for a myth like me? The Sea Dragon or the Dread Grimoire? :)

David ShadowWalker Master Myth, level 41

Aug 01, 2009
I know the Grim is a myth pet, and sea dragon is a fire pet- but I think sea dragon has all universal help on the pet.. I really liked my sea dragon, was always my number one pet until i hatched and got my spider. It's really just a matter of preference on apperance.. You can make any pet have the stats you want with hard work.. So pick the pet you like overall the best and go from there.

Aug 01, 2009
Hey the grim is a balance pet with a myth trap card? kinda different but it looks like it has universal talents like the dragon, so either way you go, looks good :)