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School pet quests

Jul 18, 2010
I've heard you can get cool hybrids from the pets that come from your school does anyone know any combos


Oct 29, 2013
Yep, all level 48, 58, 78 and 98 school-only pets have a chance of creating a hybrid when hatched with certain other school-only pets. My wizards have a couple: a Shadow Phoenix (Scarecrow/Phoenix hybrid) and a Magma Dragon (Bone Dragon/Efreet hybrid).

Central's Wiki lists them all out. Just go to the page for a school-only pet, and it will list the pet's information, including all possible hybrids that pet can produce in a hatch. For example, here is the page for the Forest Lord pet level 58 Life wizards earn..... http://www.wizard101central.com/wiki/Pet:Forest_Lord The possible hybrids are at the bottom of the right column of the page, under Forest Lord's derby talent pool.

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