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Rarest (but no best) pet drop in Celestia

Apr 04, 2010
I just got to Celestia and I was "Wowed" by the the looks of the Stellar Protectors. This is why I think a Stellar Protector pet should be created! Here is my idea for it.

This pet is droped by Mirathya, Utimatus, and Astraeus. It's pedigree is 60.
This is a Star school pet.

Here are the abilities I came up with (this list is not full so I would appreciate it if you added more)

Talents: Derby: (have no idea)
Justify: +5% Critical Block
Avenge: +5% Critical
Spell Proof
Feeling Weak
Balance Blade

Dec 08, 2009
Such a pet would definitly be a nice add-on. Star school pets would be very itneresting! Good idea :)