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Polar Bear Cub Hatching, maybe meet up?

Feb 14, 2010
Hi Everyone!

I'm in dire need of a Polar Bear Cub to hatch with!
I am offering to hatch with my Snow Beast or Spirit of the Forest pet from the new Evergreen Bundle.

The Snow Beast has pretty good stats for an Ice Wizard and it has one Ice shield spell (+40 to next ice attack).

The Spirit of the Forest pet comes with two spells. One is a new damage spell and it destroys the enemies aura and deals 1x damage. The other is a really cool gardening spell that casts a massive gleaming effect on your plants for 48 hours so they do not require the use of Magic.

My first attempt at hatching for a Polar Bear Cub was not a success. I hatched with my Spirit of the Forest pet and ended up getting the same pet with slightly worse stats than before. Maybe my chances went down because it is a balance pet and the Polar Bear Cub is an Ice pet but I'd really like to get the opportunity to hatch with my Snow Beast if anyones interested.

Also, if anyone has any advice on the easiest way to hatch for a Polar Bear Cub, or wants to meet up to hatch with me please let me know!

I'm in Eastern Time so if you'd like to meet up just give me a time, date, and realm and I'll be there waiting at the Hatchery!


Suri Dreamsong

Jun 27, 2013
I've got that polar bear
Give me a time and date, world, and place
I'll try to find him tonight, and maybe if you reply, we can hatch.
I don't like any of those pets you've listed, but don't really care
Just want to help you get the body type you want