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Pet with Higher Pedigree than normal?

Sep 05, 2010
I just hatched a new leopard pet with a pedigree of 63, the normal pedigree is 60 for Leopards.

I hatched Cookie, my forest lord, and Midnight my Leopard.

Cookie is a hatch between a friend of mine's nutcracker and my forest lord moose. Moose is the first generation.

So do 3rd generation pets tend to have high pedigrees? My leopard has 2 epic slots for Smokescreen and Unicorn, 4 Uncommon spots, and 4 rare spots.

I believe Spritely is hiding in the uncommon spots and Fairy is hiding on a rare spot.

So what does a higher pedigree than a normal pet mean? Do you think my pet will get Unicorn, Spritely, Fairy, and Smokescreen?

I am logging onto the test realm to see for myself though

Jan 18, 2012
Okay, a couple of things. Spritely is a Rare talent and Fairy Friend is an Uncommon talent. The pedigree number simply is the total of the talents for the pet (including Derby talents). A common misconception is that the higher the pedigree, the better the pet - that is not always the case. A lot of desirable talents are Rare or Ultra-Rare, and consequently, they would lower the overall pedigree number. I mean, Fairy Friend is Uncommon - so that "lowers" the number too. A pet with mostly epics will have a high pedigree but unless you are trying to hatch out all epics, that's not what you would want.

For example, take the SPUDF pet. That is made up of 2 Epics, 2 Rares and 1 Uncommon. So the total pedigree number won't necessarily be high. What you are most concerned with is getting the talents you want into your pet and seeing those talents come out with the training.

Predicting what talents your new pet will get is hard to do based on the info you provided. A pet has a slightly higher chance of getting the parents' talents, but that's not a guarantee. The general rule of thumb is to hatch with pets that have the talents you desire. The more you do that, the better chance you have at getting those talents.