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Pet Tournaments

Dec 17, 2010
So, we have PvP Tournaments, where you have multiple battles, so why not Pet Tournaments? Now, I know what your all thinking, I don't like this idea because it's just going to be another thing that will cost crowns! But, did you know, YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO PET TOURNAMENTS! So don't post anything like that in the comments, please. Anyway, Pet Tournaments would be a group of 5 pet races. Prizes would be stuff like: One free hatch, reset hatching timers, cool pets with new spells, etc. I know this could take up time, but I think it would just be cool. What do you guys think?

-Nick level 95

Feb 24, 2012
Aug 18, 2011
I love this idea! Derby is due for some updates. Tournaments, leader board, more tickets, spectator mode, glitches fixed... heck ya!

Jan 31, 2012
This is a great idea. Whenever I buy crowns, I always end up having extra and spend them on dumb stuff slice I don't like Pvp, but I do love pet derbies! I totally support the comment!

Dec 17, 2011
hmmmmm! it is a great idea but it Is like giving everything from the crownshop for free, if you win a pet tournament they are not giving you all of those stuff, well maybe, I think it is cool but that's a lot!

it sounds great and I wish they do that!

May 31, 2009
While there aren't any Derby tournaments in game (yet?), you all should check out the post stickied at the top of this forum about tournaments hosted on a fan site called Wizard101central.

In addition to the Teen - Mega tournaments, there are plenty of other tournaments with a twist to make them a bit more fun.

In fact, am posting about a tournament that is open and looking for folks to join now! 10,000 crowns to the winner, so check it out.


Jun 06, 2009
That is .... the best idea I ever heard!!! Of course we should have Pet Derby Tournaments. I for one, am tired of ranked PVP controlling a majority of stuff in the spiral.

Charles Nightsword, 39 I approve this message, and See you in the Spiral! (or not)