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pet talents' dependency on stats

Mar 04, 2012
will a pet's stats (strength, intel, agility, will, power) determine or have an effect on the chances for the pet's talents it will get?

Mar 28, 2011
No. Attributes set the effectiveness of learned talents that boost the wizard stats -- resist, critical, damage, block, etc, but it does not influence what talents the pet gets. Talents were determined by chance in the hatcher from a roll from the talent pools of both parents.

A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009
Which talent you get in a hatch is completely random, with you having a slightly better chance to get back a talent that one of the parents has already learned.

Stats increase the strength of some talents. The higher your stat numbers, the stronger your percentage or critical talents will end up being.

For example, "Spell Proof" depends on Strength, Agility and Power. To get a full 10% of universal resistance, your pets needs to have all three of those stats above 240. Defender, a critical block talent, depends on Agility, Will and Power. Again, having all three of those stats be 240 or above will give you the full strength of the Defender talent, (giving 30 critical block for your wizard).

If some of the stats are less than perfect, you will still get a weaker version of that talent. Your Spell Proof may only protect you from 8%, or your Defender may give you 25 critical block.

Some talents aren't affected by stats. Spell cards and "may cast" abilities are not influenced by stats.

Alia Misthaven