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Pet name suggestion thread

Jan 05, 2014
I recently got dropped a frostman mount, very cool for the Christmas season. But he needs a name, and I am not entirely happy with any of the pet names possible. There is already a thread for suggested wizard names, I feel it is high time to start a thread with suggested names to add to the pet names section.

For the frostman I would have loved Frosty or Whitey.

Also, could KingsIsle fix it so there is a "none" option on the second wheel, so we could name a pet with a bare title like Prince or Rex or Stinky? I understand you don't want to let people choose no name at all, but surely you can code a check for knuckleheads who choose "none" on both wheels and bounce back an "invalid name" error message?

Jan 05, 2014
I forgot to mention how you change your pet's name. Go to the dye shop, you can pick a new name for any pet for a handful of gold. There is also an option for dying pets different colors, but many pets are not dyeable.