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Pet Mixing - Rarely Worth The money

Dec 20, 2008
Ok so there are BARELY any mixes that you can get without wasting tens of thousands of gold. I did storm beetle and magma spider thinking, cool a storm spider! Then when I hatch I noticed I spent 40,000+ gold on that, I got ANOTHER magma spider. KingsIsle, you need to add mixes for everything and when you are finding pets an icon shows what pet mix you will get from it. Thanks.

Zachary (Level 50 Fire Wizard)

Nov 08, 2009
i agree. Maybe you could refund your new baby pet if it isn't quite what you wanted...

May 22, 2009
Ok, before you start freaking out because you didnt get a hybrid, you should know this, NOT EVERY MIX GIVES A HYBRID. Many ixes do not give hybrids, and even you mix that should give a hybrid, you're not guarenteed to get it. Do you really want to have it so people can get some of the coolest pets in the game for free? NO. The combos that I know CAN give hybrids are:

All lvl 48 pets have 2 possible hybrids to obtain

Death hounds mixed will ALWAYS give ghost hound

Shard Tail dragons mixed will ALWAYS give barrier dragon.

Those are the most commonly known ones, so mix with that, and stop complaining about not getting a hybrid your first try.

Jun 09, 2009
Only promo/school pets mixed with promo/school pets make hybrids.

Mar 08, 2010
I think that it does still cost quite a bit to hatch, and there arent many oppertunities for lower lvl wizards to hatch as most of them are gift card mixes or lvl 48 pet mixes, but i hatched my burninator with jade hound and we each got the other pets. i was just thinking, do you people think that king isle made a hybrid for mixing 2 hybrids?

Sep 20, 2008
i did this with a pixie and a promo pig. I was so frustrated.

Jul 22, 2008
i have enough for a tempest hound, and i am storm but i haven't reached lvl 48 for my pet yet and i can't decide if its worth trying to get it when i only have about a 25% chance.. so my point is, i wish that when you try to make a hybrid, you can only get a hybrid.. which makes it 50% to get the one you want... i am ok with the prices of mixes but i bet most people wouldn't mind if they were a little bit less... i relize they have been lowered but it took me forever to save enough gold and i probably won't even get what i want.. pet mixing would be used more often if the prices are lowered.. and one last quick thing.. it would be nice if when you go to mix pets, both players get the option to decide on what pet they will get if there is a hybrid enstead of it being random.. thanks.. William stormcloud lvl 36

Jun 24, 2009
i hope u guys know that the number in the ( ) means the chance u will have of getting the pet you want and only lvl 48pets can make a differnt pet i made a ice hound with ortrhus and collossus and my friend so much gold trying to get the ice caller thats a satyr and colossus thats a blue and white sereaph he wasted 200k gold because its a 30% chance some pets are super hard to get and its only around 45K gold so its pretty fair

Jun 14, 2009
This is for the KI people. With the high prices of hatching pets, the the new wizards will have no chance. My lvl 48 saved for the myth house and had 30,000 gold by the tomb of the storms. If people save that long, then that is when they can start hatching. KI, please make hatching go down with Celestia. Do it for the low levels.

Dec 26, 2009
I agree. Someone logged on (Not mentioning names) and deleted my Wraith. So one day when I had enough I hatched a Wraith with someone and I got a DRAGON! A DRAGON! I hate when I got that duplicate. I was SO mad that I trashed it. I didn't even sell it. I spent ALL my gold for nothing. This is really bugging me.

Jan 08, 2009
fourmyant, you aren't supposed to share your password with anyone, so it's your fault...

Dec 26, 2009
jfll wrote:
fourmyant, you aren't supposed to share your password with anyone, so it's your fault...

Actually I didnt tell the password. I mistakenly forgot to turn off the game and my sister has a friend that got on me and deleted it.