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Pet Idea

Nov 16, 2012
I have a nice pet idea :D When you train your Pet And it ranks up It Will get bigger! Example: If your pet is a baby and it trains up to teen it would get taller and taller and taller when it reaches the limit. When it is adult you Will be able to ride it fly it or swim with it! Example: you can ride the kraken underwater or ride it Around the spiral But Every pet can only do 2 things . A Dragon can fly you around And you will be high in the sky. Not just like 2 feet above ground. You will be able to Fly And be able to travel to worlds you are able to go to and the pets with wings you can only fly and ride it On ground. the pets that are a like triton or a fish and the other fish-like pets you can use underwater. But you can do it on certain pets though.

Sep 18, 2011
why there is no "Cat" pet in huge wizard game, just curious. I wish there is some good skill Cat pet. with lot of different color options :D that will be nice.

Jul 29, 2010