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Pet hatching system/Talent model.

Sep 30, 2018
Giving the nature fail pets and time consuming effort to make out a decent pet, I think its time to bring the attention of pet chance and rng manifesting talents. There is absolutely no reason that players aren't allowed to keep the pet they want to train during the hatching process. Having to already gone through nearly 30 hatches and still can't get back my fern lumi is a little ridiculous. The amount of gold and P#9 potions invested just trying to get my pets body back is farfetched. Please allow us to choose the pets we want inside the hatchery.

Secondly, no player has to go through extensive fails just to make the "PERFECT" pet because no pet is absolutely perfect. We have generated talents and max stats 2.0 pets and the kiosk to make hatching process obtainable. Having to be a victim of wasting mega pet snacks only for my pets to fail at mega not even adult or teen is discouraging for new and old players a like. Since the system picks generated talents base on rng system, players deserve a right to know what talents said pets have manifested from birth specifically. We could highlight these talents as alternate colors to ensure players aren't just wasting away crowns, gold, time and energy for something that's just not going to show. Doing so would allow players to avoid costly hatches.

I think by adding these to would be more of an encouragement for players to invest more into pet hatching.