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Pet hatching price is a big "WOAH"

Jun 07, 2012
Okay, so 2 days ago I finally got my character to level 48! :-)
I was way so excited to get my colossus pet, because I wanted to hatch with a satyr and get a Frostcaller pet. How cool is THAT
My storm pal, Victoria Nightshade had a tempest pet (Wraith and Stormzilla) that was pretty much a storm seraph, and I was all like, Oh cool! I wonder if they have that in ice!
Well, after a couple of searching, yes, there is an ice, called Frostcaller.
I was pretty excited, but unfortunately for me, none of my friends were Life, and I needed a Satyr to hatch with me.
But I figured, I could just find another random person and BAM.
I trained my pet to adult (after a LOOOT of pet snack farming and selling to buy snacks) and I was so excited.
I told my other Storm friend (I have about 5, no joke) that I wanted to hatch, and I asked her if she had any life wizards with a satyr.
She said yes, but also said:

"You know how much it costs, right?"
I'm all like, huh? Cost? I figured it was about 40k gold or something. Maximum.
Boy was I wrong, she told me it was about usually between 80k and 120k.
I'm all like, Man!

I am way too scared to hatch now, for it will just suck my money up and I will probably end up with another colossus.
But the pet is oh so gorgeous, I will die if I don't get it.
But can you guys atleast reduce the price, or increase the percent chance of getting the pet?

Sorry for the wordwall

Jul 20, 2009
Honestly, i dont think hatching would cost 120K, but i could be wrong. I've never hatched over 50,000 or never seen a hatch that high. Hatching 120K with a satyr and a collosus, prolly about 30-40K depending on pedigrees. Besides, you should always check the cost even if you broke [like me when i posted this i: ] Your friend is wrong about a satyr and a collosus cause i've hatched an adult helephant with an adult wraith, costed about like 30K. Hatching for 120K would prolly be [maybe idk] to pets with 100 pedigree, or maybe even 80K but idk my highest is only 71 -_-

Steven Strongsword, archmage fire.

Jul 01, 2009
Finally, someone who shares my opinion :P. I have an Assailing Dragon (ancient), and it's about 40k, at the least, to hatch a pet! I now spend most of my time farming...

~Lenora Nightstone, Master Theurgist

Mar 19, 2011
i have hatched with many ppl that have unique pet that cost around 30,000
to 60,000 max i think, but 80,000 thru 120,000 is not possible

Oct 05, 2010
Whoever your friend is must be delluisonal usually its 40k-50k

Oct 08, 2010
the price isnt big. you could farm for about 20 minutes and get enough gold to hatch

Mar 24, 2012
Garrett15141 wrote:
the price isnt big. you could farm for about 20 minutes and get enough gold to hatch

While the pricing isn't too bad the percentage of getting a different pet is AWFUL! I have tried to hatch my satyr with a stormzilla five times and have gotten a satyr every time! While my friend has only tried to hatch once and got a different pet. I don't think thats fair at all and I don't want to try anymore.

Jul 05, 2012
i agree it is alot of gold for me im trying to hatch my pet ianthine spectre and when i sa the price i was stunned it was 33,500 gold so what i thought was maybe rare pets and pets bought from the crown shop cost more so after few dys of training my black spider i realized it was that different from my ianthine spectre so it might take me a loooooooong time to get that much gold (unless i make some money and buy alot of crowns) i will probably be level 48 before i get enough money for lord boomer (my ianthine spectre) to hatch :l

Jun 13, 2010
I don't see the problem with hatch prices. By the time you're level 48, you're probably in Dragonspyre and every enemy you battle will most likely drop 1 or 2 equipment items that you can sell for about 500-1500 at the bazaar (depending on the rareness obviously) and I don't mean farming for these items, but just doing story quests you'll most likely have to battle quit a few times. By the time you finish the quest you're working you'll probably have gotten about 5,000-2,000 gold worth of stuff. Just keep doing quests and money is never a problem 8)

Nov 26, 2011
Dec 20, 2010
its 90,000 maximum and that is only if the both pets have huge resist and may cast unicorn and sprite. what you are saying to me my friend just made my day, just cause you want pet to be cheaper you dont need to make a lie and post it here. Plus 120,000 is nothing. i can get like 400k a day its that easy.

Mar 14, 2009
Excuse my ignorance, I'm still newish, but have an interest in the pet hatching (haven't done it yet - I'm still low enough level that gold matters). However when I attempted to once with my daughters adult pet, I believe our cost required was only mid 16k. I take it that the cost of the pet, reflects it's skill level, and possible inherited traits?

I've read a good deal on the pets, but haven't really found the 'aha!' page yet that really explains how it works and whatnot. Is there a page in W101 central that shows this, or a 3rd party page someone has built that W101 approves of for us to use?

Nov 30, 2011
Garrett15141 wrote:
the price isnt big. you could farm for about 20 minutes and get enough gold to hatch
um dude i dont farm i sell my stuff to the bazzar

Jul 09, 2009
Feb 08, 2009
dude321aragon wrote:
Garrett15141 wrote:
the price isnt big. you could farm for about 20 minutes and get enough gold to hatch
um dude i dont farm i sell my stuff to the bazzar

Um dude, you farm for the clothes, and then sell it.