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Pet Derby Strategies

Jan 02, 2009
I have been playing the new Pet Derby game in the Test Realm with my Wraith, Lord Maximus. We have never gotten 3rd place before, so I would like to post my different strategies for it. *Please post other Derby strategies here*.

Also, my Wraith is on the Ancient stage, so the different terrain cost might be more for you.

1. When on Cobblestone, push the up arrow as many times as possible. It only costs 2.

2. If your pet is slower in water, try taking the land path if there is one. There might be an obstacle in the way, for extra morale, unlike the water.

3. When brick walls come up, immediately switch to a different lane than the brick wall. You cannot break through these.

4. When a long chain of obstacles come up in different lanes, push the right or left arrow immediately after pushing the Space Bar. This way, after you jump/duck over/under the obstacle, you automatically go left/right.

5.When near the end of a race, use all of the points that you have left.

6. Try to keep a speed boost on at all times.

7. When you see an obstacle, don't avoid it. Get into its lane to get Morale!

8. When a star is in sight, get it at all costs! They can give you a defensive shield from other Pet abilities and obstacles for 5 seconds, or they can give you a speed boost. Maybe both!

9. When having a star's defensive effect on you, at least try to get Morale from obstacles, instead of taking advantage of it and running into them.

10. Always try to switch to a Cobblestone lane, unless there is a star in a different lane.

11. When making turns, try to get into a lane closest to the edge of the turn, unless, of course, there is a star/Cobblestone lane.

Well, I can't type anymore.

-Duncan Nightshade, Grandmaster Necromancer

Feb 27, 2009
Woot woot! I am a pet sergeant! And I'm not telling anyone my strategy! Woot woot!

Oct 28, 2009
I have some strategies, but it might not be useful to some of you.

If you have the Banana, try placing it under the water. They can hardly be seen!

If you have Lane Lock, lock the pet when it is in the same lane as an upcoming brick wall.

If you can change a pet's lane, change its lane when it is next to a brick wall.